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10 Kids Summer Journal Ideas: Nurturing Happiness and Growth in Kids - A single Mom's View

As the summer season unfolds, the anticipation of creating lasting memories with our children fills our hearts. With school on a break, we embark on a journey of discovery and adventure. One wonderful way to capture the magic of summer and foster happiness and growth in our kids is through the practice of summer journaling. In this blog post, we will explore a collection of journal ideas specifically curated for kids, encouraging gratitude, self-reflection, and personal development. From promoting happiness to nurturing a growth mindset, these journals will become cherished companions as we embark on this summer journey together. Join me as we dive into a world of summer journaling ideas, told from a mother's perspective.


The HappyMe Journal – The Daily Gratitude Journal for Kids Aged 6-12 to Promote Happiness, Develop Positive Habits and Nurture Enquiring Minds - English (US) (Yellow)

  1. The HappyMe Journal – The Daily Gratitude Journal for Kids Aged 6-12 to Promote Happiness: (Under $35)

The HappyMe Journal is a remarkable tool to help our children cultivate happiness and gratitude. We can guide our kids to focus on the positives, encouraging them to appreciate the simple joys that summer brings. With daily prompts and engaging activities, this journal will assist our kids in developing a positive mindset and cherishing the special moments they experience throughout the season.


  1. My Summer Journal: Kids Journal: (Under $10)

My Summer Journal is a perfect companion for our children to document their summer adventures. Together, we can guide them to record their daily activities, trips, and precious family moments. By encouraging them to write, draw, and preserve mementos such as photographs or pressed flowers, this journal will serve as a beautiful keepsake for them to revisit in the years to come, reminding them of the incredible summer memories we created together.



  1. Denise Albright Gratitude Finder® 52 Week Non-Dated Journal for Women, Teens & Girls: (Under $20)

The Denise Albright Gratitude Finder® Journal is not only suitable for women but also a valuable tool for teenagers and girls. By setting an example ourselves, we can use this journal alongside our kids, sharing gratitude moments and teaching them the importance of acknowledging blessings. With its flexible non-dated format, this journal becomes an essential companion for capturing summer memories and beyond.



  1. Summer Break Activity Journal for Kids: A Summer Activity Tracker: (Under $15)

As mothers, we strive to ensure our kids have a fulfilling and engaging summer. The Summer Break Activity Journal becomes a valuable resource to keep them entertained and motivated. We can encourage our kids to track their activities, complete puzzles, and embrace fun challenges. This journal not only provides structure but also fosters a sense of accomplishment as our children check off their summer to-do list.



  1. My Summer Adventures: Journal with Prompts and Activities for Kids to Record All the Fun They Had Over Summer Break: (Under $10)

My Summer Adventures is a journal specifically designed for kids to document their summer experiences. Together, we can engage our children in the prompts and activities provided. Encouraging them to write about their favorite moments, create illustrations, and complete fun activities, this journal becomes a treasure trove of their adventures, allowing them to relive the joyous summer days.



  1. Summer: A Guided Journal For Girls With Writing Prompts
    (Under $10)

For mothers of daughters, the Summer Guided Journal offers a unique opportunity for connection and personal growth. We can engage with our daughters as they explore the writing prompts and self-reflection exercises. Encouraging them to express their dreams, aspirations, and emotions, this journal not only fosters creativity but empowers our daughters to embrace their unique journeys.



  1. Big Life Journal - Teen Edition: A Growth Mindset Journal: (Under $30)

As mothers, supporting the personal development of our teenagers is essential. The Big Life Journal - Teen Edition becomes an invaluable resource in nurturing a growth mindset. By encouraging our teens to set goals, reflect on challenges, and celebrate achievements, we can foster resilience and inspire a positive outlook on life. This journal equips our teenagers with confidence and purpose as they embark on the summer season.



  1. WonderLand Makers Letters to My Future Self: Journal: (Under $20)

The WonderLand Makers Letters to My Future Self Journal offers a heartfelt opportunity for self-reflection and introspection. We can encourage our kids to reflect on their summer experiences and write letters to their future selves. By writing our own letters alongside them, we create a time capsule of their summer memories, providing a beautiful perspective on their personal growth.




  1. My Summer Journal: For kids (Under $10)

This journal is specifically designed for kids, providing them with a space to express their thoughts, feelings, and experiences during the summer season. With prompts, activities, and ample writing space, it encourages creativity, self-reflection, and the documentation of precious summer memories.



  1. Big Life Journal - Daily Journal for Kids(Under $25)

The Big Life Journal - Daily Journal for Kids becomes an excellent companion in nurturing personal growth within our children. By encouraging them to reflect on their emotions, dreams, and achievements each day, we foster open communication and strengthen our bond. This journal becomes a stepping stone towards developing resilience, confidence, and a positive mindset.



BONUS - Upper Room Prints Stickers:

We understand the importance of personalization for our children. Upper Room Prints offers a delightful range of stickers that can enhance My Summer Journal or any other journal. These vibrant stickers add an extra touch of creativity, making the journaling process even more enjoyable for our kids.


 As mothers, we embrace the summer season with open hearts and a desire to nurture happiness and growth in our children. Through the practice of summer journaling, using journals like the HappyMe Journal, My Summer Journal, or the Big Life Journal, we can create treasured memories and provide invaluable opportunities for personal development. As we embark on this summer journaling journey, may it be filled with gratitude, self-discovery, and unforgettable moments shared with our children. Happy summer journaling!

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